Common sense will indicate that nobody needs wearable tech to get fit or lose weight. Nobody really needs a television or a radio eitherÖ Yet, we have them because they serve a purpose.
The same applies to wearable tech too. You donít need bands strapped to your wrist to monitor your heart rate and number of steps. You really donít need all the data. Weight loss and getting fit is simpleÖ Eat right and exercise your butt off.
However, you can definitely train better and more efficiently with wearable tech. Letís look at some of the ways wearable tech will improve your workouts and keep you going when your tank is running on empty.

Helps track your heart rate

Tracking your heart rate is crucial if you want to maximize your fat loss. Professional athletes constantly train at their VO2 max to boost their stamina and stay lean. VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume while engaged in intense physical activity.
If you were calculate this manually, youíd need to get out the calculator and figure out your maximum heart rate and other details. With wearable tech, you can instantly know what level youíre training at.
To keep things simple, you can just aim to train at 90% of your heart rate max. The gadget will tell you what your heart rate is. If itís below target, you can exert more and increase the intensity. Since all you need to do is glance at the display, itís really easy to stay on track with your training targets.

Gives you a target to aim for

As mentioned earlier, the gadgets help to aim for certain specific targets. For example, if your goal is 10,000 steps daily, the activity tracker will show you exactly where you stand. There is no guess work here.
If youíre only at 7,000 steps and itís already 6pm, you know you need to get on the treadmill or go out for a walk and clock in the remaining 3,000 steps. Over time you can increase the targets or your intensity.
Maybe set a goal for 12,000 stepsÖ or you may wish to do the 10,000 steps within 40 minutes. Whatever the case may be, you have a specific target to aim for. What gets measured, gets managed.
By measuring your progress, you will make significant improvements over time even if itís just small improvements daily.

Can use it for different activities

Many wearable gadgets are synced with apps that can track various activities. For example, you could be cycling, or running or rowingÖ it doesnít matter. The wearable tech will adjust and monitor your activity accordingly.

* More convenient

Gadgets just make things more convenient. Thatís really one of the biggest advantages of technology. You wonít need to place two fingers on your neck to count your pulse when youíre exhausted. The heart rate sensor on the gadget will do that for you.
Even sports headphones that have no wires that get in your way will be very convenient and youíll only realize how much easier it is when you use one and discover what a pain it was fumbling with dangling wires before.

Accountability and personalized goals

Wearable tech has a psychological effect on you. In a way, they motivate you. The display on the gadget keeps you accountable to yourself. You canít ignore it because itís right on your wrist showing you that you have work to do. So, you will be much more likely to exercise.

Since you paid for it

Another reason is that when you fork out over a hundred bucks or so on one of these sleek looking gadgets, you will want to get your moneyís worth. Youíre much more likely to get up and get active since you already paid for it and might as well get some use from it.
By now youíll realize that while not essential, wearable tech does have its advantages and if you can afford it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using these gadgets. Do give them a try and you wonít look back.

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