How to choose a camera with the right number of Megapixels?

How to choose a camera with the right number of Megapixels?

The race for mega pixels has started and there is no way to stop it. Every few months cameras with more pixels hit the market. The manufacturers want you to dump your old camera and buy the newest and greatest one after all aren’t 10 mega pixels better than just 8? Apparently the answer is not that simple.

As with many other things when it comes to mega pixels more is not necessarily better. There are many considerations when buying a camera and the number of mega pixels is just one of them.

One of the most important things to consider is usage. More mega pixels are good for people who plan to print photos (especially enlargements) or for people who need to zoom in and grab fine details from a big photo. If the main usage of the photos is watching them on your computer screen and maybe printing a few 4X6 prints than 2 megapixels is more than enough (yes! just 2). Most screen resolutions are 1024 X 768 so even when viewing the photo in full screen mode you can only view 1024 X 768 < 1 mega pixels. A 2 mega pixels 4X6 photo print will have a DPI higher than 300 which is more than enough for a good quality print.

If you plan to use your photos for enlargements then a rule of thumb is to be able to print at least 300DPI (dots per inch) resolution.
The following is a table for different print sizes and the needed megapixels for such print quality:

Image ©

Another practical consideration is price and budget:

Usually the more megapixels the more expensive the camera is. Unless your budget is infinite when buying a camera you make a compromise between megapixels and other features. For example is it better to spend money on more megapixels or on better lenses? Or maybe instead of getting the latest number of megapixels get an external flash for low light photography? When buying a camera try to predict what and how you will use it. In many cases a lower megapixels sensor with better a lens will result in a much better photo than a high mega pixels with an inferior lens. Shop around and make sure that you get the best package in terms of mega pixels and other features.

To conclude when shopping for a camera it is best not to be a victim of the mega pixels race. Although it is generally a good thing to have a high number of pixels there are many other factors that influence the quality of the photos taken and the choice of the right camera for you. Lenses, battery life, light sensitivity, sensor technology used, external flash and many other features are not less important as the number of megapixels.

When shopping for a camera make sure that you consider the whole package and not use the number of mega pixels as a “quality” indicator for your buy.

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Black And White Digital Photography

Black And White Digital Photography

There are several ways to achieve black and white digital photography. With black and white digital photography, you are bringing the end user back into a period of time when life seemed a lot simpler. Many digital cameras come equipped with a function to take these types of photos. If your digital camera does not support this function, you can still change your photographs into black and white with software programs.

Youíll want your black and white digital photography to look its best when you are finished. A technique that can help you get the best image out of your digital photograph is through image manipulation. You may find it better to convert your eight-bit color images (which are usually jpegs) into 16-bit colors first. This is important because an 8-bit RGB can be the same as a 10-bit grayscale.

You can find information all over on the Internet to help you with your black and white digital photography. These resources can be found in everything from websites to magazines. Colored pictures can look truly beautiful as a black and white display. You will usually have to convert your graphics, because although there are options with digital cameras, there are no true black and white digital cameras.

Correct the Colorcasts

An important part of black and white digital photography is correcting the colorcasts. These are caused by bad lighting, but you can use software such as PhotoShop Elements to make the relevant changes by using their editing applications. The Imaging Factory is also software that can help you to easily convert and fix lighting areas in your graphics to get the best look with your black and white digital photography. If you want to turn your graphics into black and white digital photography, you can step into a completely new dimension in photography. You can do an endless array of projects right from your own computer.

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A Basic Overview of Kayaks and Kayaking – Tees That Rock

A Basic Overview of Kayaks and Kayaking – Tees That Rock

Kayaking is growing in popularity. It is a sport with a lot of variations, which are covered below in this article.

At its core, kayaking is simply a method of propelling oneself through a body of water by using ones own power. A paddle is used to do this with the paddle usually having two curved portions on each side to allow for a back and forth action unlike canoeing. This definition, however, fails in many ways since there are extremely different types of kayaking. Letís take a look.

Kayak roughly means hunting boat. It has been used throughout history by people living on shores to pursue food in the ocean. The indigenous people in the Arctic are believed to have been the first kayakers using wood frames covered by animal skins. In modern times, kayaking refers to a much broader scope of activities. That being said, the basic boat remains the same.

Kayaks are long, thin and usually one person boats. They come in different forms and styles, which are primarily adapted to a particular style of kayaking. Sea kayaks are very long and thin, which helps them glide easily through the water. Kayaks designed for running challenging river rapids, on the other hand, are short to facilitate manoeuvrability and the opportunity to roll to upright oneself after being flipped upside down.

While almost all kayaks are designed to have the person sit down in them, a certain class allows the person to site on a flat indention on the top of the kayak. Obviously, this type of kayaking is typically done on smooth surfaces such as lakes.

As these designs seem to suggest, kayaking comes in a lot of forms. Some people love to take them out on a cruise around a bay in Alaska or any ocean areas. Other kayaking enthusiasts prefer to shoot the rapids of extreme rivers and will travel all over the world to do so.

Kayaking is a huge adrenaline rush or a relaxing way to see sites up close and personal. You just have to make your choice, get out there and go.

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Coffee Products for Free if you know how

Coffee Products for Free if you know how

Are you aware that you can find coffee products and connected coffee products for nothing? read on and find out how, that is the good news, the bad news is that if you require specific merchandise such as coffee gift packs or artistic coffee mugs then you are may not be so lucky. Quite simply a large number of food and drink firms and coffee makers give their products away for free via competitions and prize draws, the sad truth is the chances of obtaining the particular coffee items you need are slim however not impossible.

This may sound all very nice however how can the details of coffee competitions be located with ease? well this is basically far simpler than a person might suppose, the trick is to search in a specific way but you must always use inverted commas, for example try this query “coffee competitions” or “free coffee prize”, if you do this you will get those exact results and if any coffee products or linked products are being given as prizes you could possibly be in with a chance of winning such things, Just think you might easily win something like a capresso coffee maker for absolutely nothing.

Where you aware that most consumers merely give items like coffee products and similar products away for no charge? you see so many people obtain food and drink goods and subsequently discover they don’t want them. An individual may have received something like a carafe coffee maker for a gift but for some reason might not want it any more, for this you would need to try searches that include “free coffee” or “unwanted coffee” however you must not forget the inverted commas because they are the solution to accurate results.

Some of the well known coffee makers very often run competitions and offer their own products as prizes, check out the coffee portals that list the manufacturers and see if some competitions are being run on their websites. You may end up winning products like Amaretto Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans or bunn easy pure coffee pots and can exchange them on a coffee forum for an item you really require, also if you win some roasted coffee beans but really desire coffee maker bits it may very well be that a coffee company will actually accept such products in a part money part product swap for the particular food and drink items you are truly interested in buying.

Most of us find competitions on occasions but finding a coffee contest just when you actually want one is something that doesn’t happen very often, if you want items like braun coffee grinders but are short of money then you should use your favourite search engine and discover what coffee products you can get in a competition.

A last word of advice, should you win an item such as a espresso machine then you can sell it on eBay as you might then utilise the money to purchase the coffee items you really need.

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What Are The Best Wearable Fitness Tech Gadgets?

What Are The Best Wearable Fitness Tech Gadgets?

The fitness industry is constantly changing and whatís hot today may be not tomorrow. It doesnít matter whether it is diet supplements, workout DVDs or wearable tech. Things change fast here.
Currently, the best wearable fitness tech gadgets have been listed below. ëBestí is merely based on opinionÖ but these are the most popular ones sold. So, that will be used as a barometer to judge since if many people are buying these products, they are probably good.
You should bear in mind that just because a product is popular and looks good does not necessarily mean that itís good for you. Wearable tech is a very personal choice just like your clothes. Not only do you need to feel comfortable in them, but they also have to do their job and track your activities.
These are some of the most popular products on the market right now.

1. Fitbit Charge 2

This is probably the brand that started it all and till today is the first name that comes to mind when you think of fitness trackers. They measure the number of steps you take, your VO2 max, your resting heart rate, etc.
This is a dependable gadget. It looks sleek, unobtrusive and the app that it uses is fantastic. The Fitbit Charge 2 is simple to use and is without a doubt one of the best fitness trackers on the market right now.

2. Under Armour HealthBox

This is a pricey set that comes close to $400 and yet it is highly popular because people love the brand. It exudes coolness and itís the hottest brand in the fitness industry these days.
In this set, youíll get a wearable tracker, a UA band and a scale that can recognize up to eight users. This is some smart technology here which will track your steps, the length of your workout and the intensity at which you train.
The devices sync to the app using Bluetooth which makes it a breeze to get all your data in one place. If you can afford the Under Armour HealthBox, go for it.

3. Jawbone UP3

With sleep issues as one of the major problems across the world today, the Jawbone UP 3 is one of the best gadgets to track your sleep. The advanced technology employed by this device allows it to know when you sleep.
Itís able to track your bodyís temperature, beats per minute, respiration rate and even your deep sleep and REM stats. This is a very useful device if you have insomnia or other sleep disorders. You can track exactly how much sleep youíre getting and it may explain why you constantly feel exhausted, etc.

4. Jaybird X2

Most people forget that headphones are actually wearable tech too if you use them during training. In the past, if you used them with your MP3 player or your phone, youíd have a dangling wire that branched off into 2 separate wires for each ear.
Youíd have to deal with dangling cables and also the device playing the music. Times have changed and now sports headphones have built in memory to store the music you love.
The Jaybird X2 is one of the best models on the market. It is sleek, sweat proof and there are no dangling wires to get in your way. The audio quality is out of this world and the ear buds fit so snugly that they wonít fall out even during intense activity.
Use this audio gear during your workout and the pumping music will keep you going and motivated to do your best during your workout.
These are 4 of the best wearable fitness gadgets out there. There are many more. Do your research and see which one suits your needs, preferences and budgetÖ and always use what you buy to get active and stay fit. Use it or lose it.

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Do You Really Need a Wearable Tech To Get Fit or Lose Weight?

Do You Really Need a Wearable Tech To Get Fit or Lose Weight?

Common sense will indicate that nobody needs wearable tech to get fit or lose weight. Nobody really needs a television or a radio eitherÖ Yet, we have them because they serve a purpose.
The same applies to wearable tech too. You donít need bands strapped to your wrist to monitor your heart rate and number of steps. You really donít need all the data. Weight loss and getting fit is simpleÖ Eat right and exercise your butt off.
However, you can definitely train better and more efficiently with wearable tech. Letís look at some of the ways wearable tech will improve your workouts and keep you going when your tank is running on empty.

Helps track your heart rate

Tracking your heart rate is crucial if you want to maximize your fat loss. Professional athletes constantly train at their VO2 max to boost their stamina and stay lean. VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume while engaged in intense physical activity.
If you were calculate this manually, youíd need to get out the calculator and figure out your maximum heart rate and other details. With wearable tech, you can instantly know what level youíre training at.
To keep things simple, you can just aim to train at 90% of your heart rate max. The gadget will tell you what your heart rate is. If itís below target, you can exert more and increase the intensity. Since all you need to do is glance at the display, itís really easy to stay on track with your training targets.

Gives you a target to aim for

As mentioned earlier, the gadgets help to aim for certain specific targets. For example, if your goal is 10,000 steps daily, the activity tracker will show you exactly where you stand. There is no guess work here.
If youíre only at 7,000 steps and itís already 6pm, you know you need to get on the treadmill or go out for a walk and clock in the remaining 3,000 steps. Over time you can increase the targets or your intensity.
Maybe set a goal for 12,000 stepsÖ or you may wish to do the 10,000 steps within 40 minutes. Whatever the case may be, you have a specific target to aim for. What gets measured, gets managed.
By measuring your progress, you will make significant improvements over time even if itís just small improvements daily.

Can use it for different activities

Many wearable gadgets are synced with apps that can track various activities. For example, you could be cycling, or running or rowingÖ it doesnít matter. The wearable tech will adjust and monitor your activity accordingly.

* More convenient

Gadgets just make things more convenient. Thatís really one of the biggest advantages of technology. You wonít need to place two fingers on your neck to count your pulse when youíre exhausted. The heart rate sensor on the gadget will do that for you.
Even sports headphones that have no wires that get in your way will be very convenient and youíll only realize how much easier it is when you use one and discover what a pain it was fumbling with dangling wires before.

Accountability and personalized goals

Wearable tech has a psychological effect on you. In a way, they motivate you. The display on the gadget keeps you accountable to yourself. You canít ignore it because itís right on your wrist showing you that you have work to do. So, you will be much more likely to exercise.

Since you paid for it

Another reason is that when you fork out over a hundred bucks or so on one of these sleek looking gadgets, you will want to get your moneyís worth. Youíre much more likely to get up and get active since you already paid for it and might as well get some use from it.
By now youíll realize that while not essential, wearable tech does have its advantages and if you can afford it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using these gadgets. Do give them a try and you wonít look back.

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